Milan Hans Introduces First Video to Improve School Admissions: “Make Your School a Brand School", Part 1 Now Available for Free on YouTube

An education specialist named Milan Hans has started an exciting plan to help schools get more students. He has 30 good ideas, and he's beginning with the first video called 'Make Your School a Famous School - Part 1.' You can watch it for free on the 'Class On' YouTube channel.

Making Your School Brand: Tips from an Expert

This interesting video gives lots of helpful ideas for schools that want to become better. It talks about making a special school logo, creating a really nice website, using nice colors to make the school look inviting, choosing the best teachers and staff, and making attractive materials to get more students to join the school. This video is full of useful information to make all parts of the school better.

Marketing for School: Online, Offline, and More

This video isn't just about school buildings. It also talks about using the internet and social media to tell more people about the school. It helps schools show up on Google when people search for them and how to use the money well for advertising.

Whether you want to do things on the internet or in real life, this video gives you good ideas to understand how to tell more people about the school. The video also says it's important to keep giving new information to stay important.


For people who want to get more students for their school and help it grow, this video is like a map to understand how to tell more people about the school. The good ideas in the video can help schools become really well-known and wanted.

Brand Ambassador for the School

But the story doesn't stop here. There's more news from 'Class On'! The next video will be about 'Choosing the Person Who Represents Your School's Brand.' You can look forward to getting more helpful information every week!

Make Your School Strong: Watch 'Class On' Now
Milan Hans has a big plan that can change how schools work. If your school wants to try new things and become better, the good ideas in these videos can help a lot. Keep watching 'Class On' for more updates and expert advice to make your school even better.