Welcome to Golden Kidz, a distinguished educational institution located in the heart of Mullanpur Dakha, specializing in play way and kindergarten programs. With a medium English medium of instruction, we provide a nurturing and enriching environment where young learners can embark on an exciting educational journey.

At Golden Kidz, we understand that early childhood education sets the stage for a child's lifelong love of learning. Our play way and kindergarten programs are meticulously designed to foster curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills in children aged three to six. Through a well-rounded curriculum and innovative teaching methods, we strive to ignite a passion for knowledge in every child.

Our medium English medium of instruction enables students to develop strong language skills in English from the very beginning. With interactive language activities, engaging stories, and meaningful conversations, we aim to enhance their communication abilities and instill confidence in expressing themselves effectively.

At Golden Kidz, we believe in providing a holistic approach to education. Our curriculum integrates play-based learning, which encourages children to explore, experiment, and discover the world around them. Through hands-on activities, sensorial experiences, and collaborative projects, we stimulate their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development, fostering well-rounded individuals.

We take pride in our team of dedicated and compassionate educators who are passionate about nurturing young minds. They create a warm and inclusive learning environment, ensuring that each child receives individual attention and support. Our teachers embrace innovative teaching strategies, using a combination of technology, hands-on materials, and creative resources to make learning engaging and meaningful.

Beyond academics, Golden Kidz offers a range of extracurricular activities, including sports, music, arts, and crafts, to provide a well-balanced educational experience. These activities promote physical fitness, creativity, and teamwork, nurturing the holistic development of our students.

Moreover, we recognize the importance of parental involvement in a child's education. We foster open communication and encourage parents to actively participate in their child's learning journey. We organize regular parent-teacher interactions, workshops, and events to strengthen the bond between the school and home.

In conclusion, Golden Kidz in Mullanpur Dakha offers exceptional play way and kindergarten programs with a medium English medium of instruction. With our dedicated educators, play-based learning approach, and focus on holistic development, we strive to provide a solid foundation for every child's future academic success and personal growth.